Thursday, 3 March 2016

Election Update #1

Among Republican primary voters, Donald Trump is still winning with a 13% lead over Ted Cruz, his closest competitor. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are neck and neck, with Marco Rubio beating Ted Cruz in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Lately, Rubio's and Cruz's strategy have been to attack each other in hope of being the candidate to take on Trump. However, starting in the last debate, they have begun to fear that Trump will win, meaning that none of them will even have a chance. So, they are now attacking Trump over his use of immigrants to build his construction projects. They are also attacking him over Trump University, where students paid Trump thousands of dollars to attend his university, but instead only offered a seminar.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is maintaining a small lead over her sole opponent, Bernie Sanders. She has portrayed him as a single issue candidate, because of his unchanging speech about economic inequality and reforming Wall Street. Bernie started as a fringe candidate, but now has a growing base of passionate grassroots supporters.

Up next: Super Tuesday

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