Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Election Update #7: New York

Yesterday there was voting in New York.


Trump: 855 delegates
Cruz: 559 delegates
Kasich: 147 delegates

These delegates will go to the Republican Convention in Cleveland and vote for the candidate they were pledged to. The amount needed to automatically win is 1,237, but it's likely no one will get this number.

95 delegate were at stake in this state, and Trump won big. This is his home state after all, and he was always popular in New York. Trump won 60% of the vote, with Kasich second place at 25%. Because of the state's system where the winner takes all of the delegates within each voting district if they win that district, Trump ended up getting 95% of the delegates. Cruz gained no delegates at all, probably because of his unpopularity here. Earlier on, he attacked Donald Trump by implying that New Yorkers like him aren't real Republicans with American values, saying that the people from New York have liberal "New York values." This haunted Ted, and he lost miserably. Kasich got more of the vote than Cruz, which sounds impressive, but he only gained 5 delegates.

Trump won here despite calling the tragedy of "9-11" 7-11 in a speech. No, I'm not joking.

Never Forget 7-11

Clinton: 1,421 delegates
Sanders: 1,151 delegates
(At the Democratic state convention in Philadelphia these delegates will vote for the people who they are pledged to. My count doesn't factor in superdelegates, who can change their mind on who to vote for at any time.)

This was a crucial night for Bernie Sanders, who needed to build on the momentum of winning several states in a row. Despite being down in the polls, his rallies were huge, and this was the state where he could translate enthusiasm into delegate leads, hopefully catching up to Hillary in this delegate rich state. There were 291 delegates, and Hillary won her home state by 12%. Bernie's path to winning is narrowing. The campaign managers on both sides sniped at each other right after the results came out, and different people at Hillary's campaign said that "victory was in sight."

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