Thursday, 10 November 2016

Silver Linings

This is going to be an opinion article so leave now if you were just here for the stats....

Sorry for not posting much. This campaign has just been too toxic and I wanted to wait until it was over.

For progressives like me, it is hard not to lose hope after Trump's stunning victory and after Republicans still holding control of the Congress, Senate, state legislatures, governor's mansions, and soon the Supreme Court. 

However, there are still some silver linings.

In California, Proposition 56 passed taxing tobacco despite the tobacco companies spending more than $32 million to bury it. Proposition 63, to expand background checks on weapons and ammunition, passed as well without the normally formidable NRA (gun manufacturers' representatives) putting up much of a fight. Proposition 64, legalizing recreational marijuana, passed, hammering another nail in the coffin for the war on drugs.

Lives were saved from cancer, gun violence, and incarceration.

At the national level, the Democratic Party is finally facing the reckoning as to whether it will become progressive or stay centrist and corporate. This conflict has bubbled under the surface for years and now may finally come to head.

People everywhere are organizing protests against our new president-elect, but even though the election's results are fixed now, this level of united national activism may be enough to help us elect people in the elections to come who better represent us.

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